Solar Farm Maintenance

TMG Industrial provides full service maintenance for Solar Farms.

Our services for Solar Farms entails the following:



  • Providing on-site maintenance technicians to perform predictive, preventative and corrective maintenance for the Solar Panels.
  • Mowing in and around the solar array using our specialist machinery. We are able to mechanically mow in between the tight rows.
  • Hedge cutting and surrounding tree works/surveys.
  • Tree Watering for newly planted trees.
  • Implementation of habitat management plan.
  • Spraying and weed control- blanket and spot spraying, keeping weeds under control. 
  • Pest Control
  • Install Fencing and Security Fencing
  • Road and Internal Road Maintenance
  • Provide Re-seeding as needed
  • Repair holes and ruts to the ground on the Solar Farm caused by equipment
  • Cleaning of the Solar Panels either mechanical or manually to improve return on investment.


Why Clean Solar Panels


Solar Panels are prone to build up of general dust and dirt that is unlikely to wash off with just rain; especially with the more adhesive pollutants such as bird droppings, vehicle fumes & pesticides etc. Projected energy figures claimed by solar panel manufacturers are based on the optimum performance of clean solar panels; a buildup of dirt can adversely affect the panels ability to meet those projections.

Dirty Solar Panels can reduce efficiency by up to 30%. Keeping Solar Panels clean will significantly improve their longer term performance. Even the short term sizeable efficiency gains can be realized.