TMG Industrial Disaster Debris Removal Form

TMG Industrial Disaster Debris Removal Form

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Types and number of trucks and equipment

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Dump Truck, 16 - 24, 3-YD Capacity

Dump Truck, 25 - 45, 3-YD Capacity

Dump Truck, 46 - 65, 3-YD Capacity

Pickup Truck w/Dump Trailer 15-20, 3-YD Capacity

Pickup truck w/Dump Trailer 15-20, 3-YD Capacity

Knuckle boom, Prentice-Style/ Self - Loader, 10,000lb. Capacity.

Wheel Loader, 50HP, 1yd Capacity

Wheel Loader, 100HP, 2-YD Capacity

Wheel Loader, 150HP, 4-YD Capacity

Truck Pickup, .5-Ton

Hydraulic Excavator, 50HP, w/bucket & Grapple/Thumb

Hydraulic Excavator, 100HP, w/bucket & Grapple/Thumb

Hydraulic Excavator, 150HP, w/bucket & Grapple/Thumb

Trailer Mounted Flood Light Set with Generator Unit.

Low - Bed Trailer with Tractor

Water Truck - Min. 3,000 Gal

Air Curtain Burner, Min. Nozzle Velocity of 8,800 ft/min(100mph) and volume of 900 cf/min/ linear ft

Backhoe, with loader, 1.5, 3-YD Capacity, with thumb attachment

Dozer, tracked 2-3 3-YD Blade Capacity

Dozer, tracked with root rake blade, D7 or equal

Grader, Motor, 12 foot blade, 130 - 140 net HP

Chipper, with 12 inch minimum

Tub Grinder 800 - 1,000 HP

Tub Grinder 300 - 400 HP

Self Loading Truck, 20 - 30, 3-YD Capacity

Self Loading Truck, 30 - 40, 3-YD Capacity

Self loading truck, 30 - 40 yd3 Capacity

Skid steer loader, 40HP, w/ grapple

Skid steer loader, 60HP, w/ grapple

Skid steer loader, 80HP, w/ grapple

80-110 3yd C & D walking Floor

30 - 80 3yd Mulch Trailer

Bucket Trucks



Vac Trucks

Push Crew (Supply personnel and equipment to clear roadways as first response to a storm)

Insurance Certificate (If you don't have it, we can get it later.)