About Us

Who We Are

TMG Industrial is a company that provides comprehensive Facility Maintenance& Support, Grounds Maintenance, Solar Farm Maintenance, Janitorial Services, & MRO, Electrical & Industrial Supplies, consulting and solutions to the Power, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Government and other clients in the Energy Sector.

Our Mission:

“Our Mission to attract, hires, and retain the best talent. By doing this, it will ensure our place as a leader in the industries that we serve.”


Our Vision

Always strive to do a better job than we had done the day before. Always strive to do the right thing; even when doing the right thing isn’t in the best interest of our company. Most importantly; always strive to provide quality service and cost savings to our clients; while at the time striving to ensure the safety and well being of our employees.



“We ensure that our clients are satisfied not just the first time; but every time.”