Procurement Management

TMG Industrial’s experience in Procurement provides us the tools and ability to access a variety of markets directly to purchase any type of goods and services, primarily with original equipment manufacturers and distributors. With locations in Houston (Texas), New Orleans (Louisiana) and Mobile (Alabama) allows us to be an important facilitator providing comprehensive procurement management solutions for client materials and services requirements.

TMG Industrial is staffed with an experienced group of procurement professionals. They are capable of sourcing and procuring capital equipment, Indirect, direct MRO materials and services for large and small projects in a timely and cost effective manner. Purchasing, Expediting, Materials, Warehousing, Logistics, Subcontracting and Source Inspections are functions that are provided by TMG Industrial’s Procurement Department.

TMG Industrial is able to offer the following services utilizing our Procurement Software.

Supply Chain Planning

Our software’s patented advanced planning system provides unparalleled control and flexibility in a collaborative supply chain solution. Real time alerts give unprecedented control. Our supply chain planning module continuously synchronizes an enterprise’s supply plan with the capabilities of its trading partners via internet. By enabling information sharing and collaboration in real time, our supply chain is always optimized.

Our Supply Chain Planning offers the following:

  • Real Time, Internet Based Planning
  • Collaboration
  • Accurate Supply Chain Modeling
  • Scalability –Support for Multiple Planning Services
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Manufacturing Planning
  • Transportation Planning
  • Graphical View of Material and Resources Plan
  • Link Demand to its Source(Pegging)
  • Planner Notices for Maximum Efficiency
  • Integrated Load Building
Request to Pay

Provides a powerful yet easy-to –use facilities for controlling and streamlining procurement activities.

  • Benefits throughout Organization
  • Quick and Easy Request Entry
  • Punch Out to Supplier Web Sites
  • Configurable Request Approval
  • Automatic Notifications and Alerts
  • Mobile Approval
  • Multiple Fulfillment Paths
  • Buyer’s Work Queue
  • Bid Processing
  • Automated Stock Replenishment
Strategic Sourcing

Our Strategic Sourcing module extends the capabilities of the core purchasing application. It automates the process of identifying, “on boarding” and monitoring critical supplier relationships. Our Supplier Portal solicits and collects information from our client’s supply base ensuring their supply chain runs smoothly.

Our Software performs the following:

  • Expand the Client’s Supply Chain Resource
  • Identify Potential Suppliers
  • Automate the “Out Reach “ Process
  • Continuously Monitor and Qualify Suppliers
  • Build RFX Document
  • Automatically Score Supplier Responses
  • Select a proposal and Build an Agreement
  • Use your Supplier Portal to integrate Procurement Status Information
  • “ Alerts’ Automatically Monitor Critical Issues
  • Integrated Report Writer
  • Microsoft Office Integration
Requisition Management

Helps reduce the internal costs associated with paper requisitions, tighten financial controls with electronic approval and create a solution that drives a higher percentage of buys to corporate contracts.

  • Real-Time Requisitioning
  • Simple ‘Self Service” Requisition Entry.
  • Instant Feedback on Price Availability.
  • Requesting New Items
  • ‘Punch Out” Order Facility
  • Check-Out and Electronic Approval
  • Audited Receipt and Delivery Processes
  • Purchasing Inventory
  • Job Costing and Tracking Facilities
  • Complete Budget Commitment Control
  • ‘Alerts” Automatically Monitor Critical Issues
  • Integrated Report Writer
  • Microsoft Office Integration
Purchase Order Management

Our Purchase Order Management module is the heartbeat of the complete procurement solution, using the internet to dramatically improve the purchasing process.

  • No paperwork, maximum efficiency.
  • Order Types allow our clients to set the Processing Path.
  • Multiple Tools Speed the Entry Process
  • Use the Internet to Register Suppliers and Collect Supplier Information.
  • Reduce Maverick Purchases- Drive Spend to Contracts.
  • ‘Punch Out” Ordering for Lower Costs and Improve Efficiency.
  • Inherit Purchase Order Approval from Approved Requisitions
  • Keep Internal Notes and Attachments with the Order.
  • Create a Hierarchical Products Catalogue with Pictures.
  • Electronic Approval of “Stand Alone” Purchase Orders.
  • Supplier Part Cross Reference.
  • Line Types Control Receiving and Payment Processes.
  • Purchasing Control at the Order Line Level
  • Supplier Hierarchy
  • Email Documents to Suppliers and Other Stakeholders
  • Invoice Matching Options
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • ‘Alerts” Automatically Monitor Critical Issues
  • Integrated Report Writer
  • Microsoft Office Integration
Accounts Payable

Application allows efficiently processes payables documents, improves supplier relationships, accurately forecasts cash requirements and maximizes cash flow.

  • Eliminate the Need to Manually Scan Reports with “Alerts”.
  • Eliminate “Snail Mail “Delays with Electronic Invoice Approval.
  • Entry Tools Speed Voucher Processing
  • Invoice Matching
  • Flexible Supplier Definition
  • Automatic 1099 Accounting
  • Manual Payments, Draft, Pre-Payments
  • Flexible Check Formats
  • Convenient “Quick Check “Printing.
  • Rules Based “Check Runs”.
  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Payment and Activity Statistics
  • Cash Requirements Forecast
  • Drill Through Capability
  • Integrated Report Writer
  • Microsoft Integration
  • Integrated Invoice Matching
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Integrated Report Writer
  • Microsoft Office Integration
Inventory and Warehouse Management

Our modules provides our client with unparalleled control and flexibility. We manage and monitor our client’s inventory for all types of products, in all type of facilities.

  • Inventory Connectivity
  • Virtual Warehouse
  • Flexible Warehouse Configuration
  • Configure Alerts
  • Lots and Serial Number Control
  • Stock Status and Usage Statistics
  • Condition and Ownership Identification
  • Stock Replacement
  • Physical Control
  • Financial Integration
  • Inter Warehouse Transfer Control
  • Integrated Receipt and Shipment Configuration
  • Advanced Warehouse Management
  • Product Stratification
  • Integrated Report Writer
  • Microsoft Office Integration