Safety & Quality

TMG Industrial’s Motto is Start Safe; Finish Safe … TMG Industrial is a company that truly believes in Safety. TMG Industrial puts Safety first in the workplace and on our jobsites. We know that being safe in the workplace and on the jobsite takes a team effort.  TMG Industrial understands that in order for any of our projects to be a success; they must be completed safely. We have a dedicated group of highly trained Safety and Health professionals working with our Safety Program. Our Safety Group is committed to providing policies, procedures and training that enables our employees to have knowledge and the ability to keep themselves and their co-workers safe.


Our weekly toolbox; as well as our Lunch & Learn meetings is held with our employees at each jobsite. We discuss Safe Work Practices. We also require our subcontractors to attend these meetings. Our Safety Principles aren’t just words; they are the Roadmap that we use to guide our projects towards our Safety Motto “Start Safe, Finish Safe.


No Moore Accidents isn’t just a Tagline; it is something that we live by at TMG Industrial. We are proud of our Safety Record. We are proud of our low EMR Rating. But most of all, we’re proud of our employees’ commitment to our Safety and Health Programs; as well as our Quality Standards program. We have always known that our people are the cornerstone of our business. Our Safety Culture is supported at all levels of our company. Our Safety Program isn’t just something that is in our manual; it is the way we do business. We continue to show our commitment to Start Safe, Finish Safe; each day one of our employees goes to work and then return home after work to their families.


Our Safety Program includes the following:

  • Safety Manual
  • Full-Time Safety Manager
  • Daily Safety Meetings
  • Weekly Safety Audits
  • OSHA 10-Hour
  • Basic Safety Plus(BOP)
  • Accident near miss investigation
  • New Hire Orientation
  • Potential Safety Hazard Review of Job Assignments
  • Test for Cause regardless if accident or near miss occurred or not.
  • O.T Testing
  • Pre-Job Meetings
  • Job Safety Awareness